Reserving tickets

Admission on the door is usually not a problem before 9pm. But there have been times when we have been sold out within minutes. To be sure, we recommend you reserve tickets (or purchase them in advance from The Half Moon).

Tickets may be reserved in advance by email for collection and payment on the night. Your tickets will be held on the door until 15 minutes after door opening time (usually  8.45pm). After this time we reserve the right to release the tickets. We also reserve the right to refuse advance ticket reservations if on past occasions you have reserved tickets and not collected them.

Last minute checks

If you are travelling any distance it is always advisable to check with the venue before leaving home (tel. 01279 834500). We have never had to cancel a gig but there's always a first time!


There's plenty of parking a minute's walk away; and the mainline railway station is about 5 minutes walk. Gigs usually finish by around 11.15pm in time for the last trains south to London  and north to Cambridge.