As a general rule if there isn't a gig, then it's a jam night. These are relaxed fun nights and usually attract an audience that far out numbers the players.

Guitarists (electric or acoustic), bass players, drummers, harmonica or sax players (or any wind instrument) will fit in easily and if you sing, you will be especially welcome (good blues singers with a repertoire of lyrics are hard to come by!).

Newcomers and those keen to develop their blues playing or singing are always welcome. Dependent on the combination of musicians on the stage, the standard can be quite high so novices are best advised to make a recce visit before taking the plunge.

The format is simple. Turn up with your instrument, pay £2 on the door, put your name on the list and at some point in the evening you'll be called up to play. Just occasionally, we are over subscribed so there's no guarantee of getting to play.

A PA, drum kit and guitar & bass amps are installed. This is good quality equipment and in the case of the guitar amps are usually Fender or equivalent valve amps. The only thing you need to bring is your instrument. Please don't bring amplifiers or  pedal effects systems - there isn't the time to be switching gear around.

If you have any queries, call Richard on 07973 217140. Doors open at 8.30pm.